Sagebrush Social Praxis Society


At Sagebrush Social Praxis we believe that community means more than simply a collection of homes and people. Community springs from intentionality, reciprocity, relationship and respect - for each other, for our spaces, and for the land.

We are creating a micro home community in Treaty 7 Territory founded upon the values of innovation, minimalism, environmental renewal, and active interaction with each other and the environment. Everything we do for this community is grounded in our desire to give back and live consciously while also actively challenging the status quo and raising the bar for what we, as as society, expect from affordable housing initiatives.

Finding a Home In Okotoks

The town of Okotoks is no stranger to innovation already and so we are blessed to be a part of the next stage of Okotok’s journey towards sustainable and innovative communities. Our proposed village will aim to strengthen the tenants living within our village itself as well as aim to strengthen the broader Okotoks community in general. 

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